Point of Care Assisted Diagnosis

Your new way to diagnose.

A user-friendly SAAS platform with AI-powered ultrasound diagnosis. From scan to report within minutes.

Real-time scanning assistance for best image acquisition.

Improve performance by data driven analytics and insights to the operator.

Seamlessly integrates with any point of care ultrasound device (POCUS) and with electronic health systems protocols and API's.


Diagnose At The Speed Of Sound

From scan to report in minutes.

Software as a Service
Plug & Play installation

AI Components

Digitally-guided acquisition assistance
AI-based diagnosis
Scan feedback system 
Quick reviewing system
Online training

Advanced Reporting

Structured POCUS billable report
End-user statistics & performance dashboard
Management insights dashboard
Telemedicine & sharing capabilities

Seamless Integrations 

Multi-vendor ultrasound support
A physician using the POCAD product
A sonographer using the POCAD product on a man
A physician using the POCAD product on a patient

Complex technology.
Simple use.

High Performance at Your Fingertips

Allowing the analysis of poor-quality images with high levels of accuracy at the point of care without the need for the assistance of an imaging specialist or laboratory.

Encrypted & Secure Architecture

Keeping you ahead and safe, with HIPAA compliance, ISO 13485 certification, data encryption and other crucial protections to ensure security for your institution and patients.

Clinically Validated at the Highest Level

Our technology has been validated in numerous retrospective and prospective trials on thousands of patients with phenomenal performance and accuracy levels.

Drive impactful clinical outcomes while maximizing ROI

Out of Hospital

AISAP empowers clinicians to conduct advanced, comprehensive diagnostic exams at the point of care, enabling early diagnosis and preventive medicine in the community. This helps avoid unnecessary referrals, improve quality of care, reduce readmissions, and deliver higher-value healthcare services.

In Hospital

AISAP streamlines patient care, minimizing length of stay and unnecessary tests, accelerating diagnosis and treatment timelines, enhancing safety and patient satisfaction, while optimizing revenue capture through increased utilization of clinically appropriate procedures.

Primary Care
Urgent Care
Rural Clinics
Skilled Nursing Facility
Hospital at Home
Remote Care

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